Saturday, April 4, 2009


All girls are lying big time wene they say that size dosent matter.
I am telling you this because it is the honest truth, look I should know, they say that it is all in the way you use it, not how big it is, well I got news for you all, that is pure lies.

I know from personal experience, I will tell you about a secret that temple has made me promise to never ever tell anyone, but since he has not called me in three weeks after standing me up, I am going to break the promise and tell you how he went from having a tiny wang and in 4 months he is now about nine inches and get this, it is still getting bigger. He has been secretly taking grow tabs from this site, copy and paste the address into your browser to see them.CASKDO.COM

I found out when I was at his house, three fridays ago, we were getting ready to go to the mall, so while he was in the shower, I went in his room, sneeked under his bed and found a box with tab bottles in it, there was like 9 full bottles and 4 empty ones, all ordered from CASKDO.COM I was laughing at first but then when he came in the room and caught me looking at them, he freaked out and made me sware to not ever tell anyone about them, especially girls from school or work that he has been dating for the past while, now that I think of it, he has been rather busy with all the popular girls around here, when just last year he was the shyest when it came to girls.

I just never put two and two together until he explained it all to me, I did see his prick and yes, it is huge, pronostar huge, the thickest and longest one I ever seen.

I know this sounds really shallow, but I am considering ordering 6 bottles from the website at CASKDO.COM for you know who.. he does not have a myspace account, so he is not gonna see this. They guarentee that the tabs will work on any man, or they give you your money back, living proof that they do work on any guy, seeing is believing.CASKDO.COM

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