Friday, January 30, 2009

the missing piece in my life

Someone once said, "Life’s all about choices and decisions that one make" How true and how inspiring. We make decisions based on our choices that we have in hand.. sounds easy.. but is not. Many times we are faced with a forked road in the middle of nowhere. Should we choose the road that many had travelled on? Or should it be th less trodden road? Robert Frost, the poet, chose the less trodden path and when he looked back, he didn’t have any regrets. Now, how many of us would be able to do the same?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Bit About My Self

Most people around me - my frenzs,close3x frenzs,my boss,said that im kinda emotional type of guy...easily get depressed,jealous,paranoid,hyper active..sometimes i laugh without reasons...(kinda weird)...But thats not what i am really is..maybe im not good at hiding my feeling..and showing it to others...that why most people misjudge me to be what they think i am...people get hurt by hurt too...If only there is an easy way to show what this heart is will be a great thing for me...People said i am good at something that associate with what they fear the most..People tell me do not get too edited with things that turn my eyes into an unpleasant sight to them..My friends reminds me not to put my life on the line when the situation come to a condition where putting own life into it is compulsory..A Friend Of mine said men have to be strong..even if i cant be strong on the outside at least i have to be really strong inside..Guess im just what i am...trying hard to gain experience in life coz experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards..

Think about it,yourselves..