Friday, April 10, 2009


i and my gf have been together for almost 2 years already. we don’t have exact date when we actually had each other. y? it’s because it just happened! at first, it seems like it was just me has this feelings for her. i don’t know why she responded my feeelings for her though i know she doesn’t like me that much…since we met, we started dating, hanging around, etc…for more than 3 months we’ve been like this ( i mean like lovers).. until it came to the point that she has to let me go for don’t really like me that much and i, do understand and let it happen. for 10 months of no communication, we met again.

as if nothing happens before, but the great thing happened was it seems like we started all over again. i mean, we started dating again, at first no so exclusive ’till we found out one day we have been there exclusively for each other.. months passed and i felt like he developed an intimate feelings towards me. until one day, she just introduced me to her family. i kept coming into her place.

for more than a year i decided to introduced too to my family. though my side doesn’t like her that much yet i’m still trying to iron out everything for i’m looking forward a life with her forever and i know she too thinks the same.

date, were still together. it’s just that i’m at the stage right now of feeling alone. wanted to quit! y? first, it seems like she's not the women i’ve been waiting for. ( i’m a hopeless romantic by the way) i mean, she doesn’t even wish me on special days. she says, why do i need to? i already knew she loves me. though, we went out to the mall giving me what i want. she is so touchy to me whnevere were alone together but not that much when were at the mall or in any public place. i want her to listen to me. there are times i have some issues to brought out, to discuss with, but it seems like she hesitant to listen or talk about it.

it been a week already that she is so busy with her work that she could not even make it up to me this days. i know she busy and i understand it, but can’t she even just pass by at the house to see me?

there was even one incident that my friend saw her at the mall with a boy. she told me it was her cousin whom she just strolled since he came from different place. my gut feeling says, it’s true! but i don’t mind that much for i know whom she rally love and i’m confident with it. i know i’m still the home she’ll end up with.

it’s just that, i’ve noticed that whenever she send message from her cp ( though i understand that she has to use it by and by for his business transactions) she make it to the point not to show it to me. she doesn’t lives phone unattended. she doesn’t even care that much on my phone, unlike before she kept on checking it. most of the time he is so protective and shows jealousy whenever i got to talk yo other girls or texting.

i’m so confused! i don’t know if she has other boy or just simply busy with his work.


  1. Sure or not U have GF for 2 years..Or simply u r telling that u got gf so then ppl will sympathy for u..

    ps..PB..U know wt is this mean ..hahahahahaa

  2. hmm nice story but you dont have to be sad puthu cause there are many girls out there better ones. You already have a choice which is Chusla bebeh